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Women behind camera
Women behind camera

About The Competition

Cinematic Scribe Annual Short Screenplay Competition provides a space for writers of any genre an opportunity to share their artistic voice. Established by two Award winning filmmakers who are intent on growing the creative community and providing a launch pad for varied and distinctive storytellers.

This Competition was founded by industry professionals Laura Fortino-Zeni, Producer at VincI Productions who has served as a festival judge for 23 years and Renata Green-Gaber, film Director at G-Force Films for nearly 20 years.

By submitting, screenwriters have the opportunity to win the grand prize of $500.00, along with script feedback, Winner’s Laurel, an hour long Zoom Production Consultation with the festival founders, and will automatically be considered for future production by G-Force Films & VincI Productions.

Looking for Feedback on your script? You can also submit your script to be reviewed by our panel of judges and you will receive valuable feedback and personal notes on your script.

Interested in producing or directing your own short film? Submit for a Production Consultation. Our industry professionals will breakdown and review your script and schedule a Zoom meeting with you on producing your own short film.

All submissions to be accepted online through FilmFreeway.

Cinematic Scribe Short Screenwriting Contest proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, the world’s #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.

Looking forward to your submissions.

Write a Great Script!


Awards & Prizes

Grand Prize

  • $500.00
  • Judges Feedback
  • Winner’s Laurel
  • 1 Hour Production Consultation
  • Automatically considered for Production by G-Force Films & VincI Productions

Runner Up

  • Judges Feedback
  • Winner’s Laurel
  • 1 Hour Production Consultation
Categories & Fees

Short Screenplay Submission:
Early Bird – $25
Student Early Bird – $20

Regular – $30
Student Regular – $25

Not Too Late – $35
Student Not Too Late – $30

Late – $40
Student Late – $35

Last Chance – $50
Student Last Chance – $40

Notes & Feedback Only:
Regular – $35
Student – $30

Last Chance – $50
Student Last Chance – $40

Dynamic Duo Short Screenplay Competition plus Notes & Feedback:
Early Bird – $50
Early Bird Student – $45

Regular – $55
Student Regular – $50

Not Too Late – $60
Student Not Too Late – $55

Late – $65
Student Late – $60

Last Chance – $80
Student Last Chance – $70

1 Hour Zoom Production Consultation – $145


Festival Organizers

a woman

Laura Fortino-Zeni
Producer VincI Productions

Renata Green-Gaber headshot

Renata Green-Gaber
Director, G-Force Films


Rules & Terms

  1. Screenplays must be 15 pages or less.
  2. Please use standard screenwriting format
  3. Any Genre
  4. Must be written in English
  5. Open to ages 18 or older
  6. All entries must be by electronic submission between the contest opening date and the final deadline
  7. All entries are non-refundable.
  8. All submitted material must be original, and must not be encumbered by any obligation to, or option held by any 3rd party, with all rights owned by the writer(s).
  9. If a script is optioned during the competition, then it is no longer eligible for consideration.
  10. Substitutions or updated drafts are not accepted at any time.
  11. Student entries require proof of enrollment. Please list school info in your cover letter and your student status will be verified upon submission.
  12. All submissions must be in PDF format.
  13. Winners will automatically be entered into consideration for Production by VincI Productions
    & G-Force Films
  14. For screenplays with multiple writers Prize money will be distributed equally amongst all writers.
  15. All decisions by judges are final
Women behind camera

The undersigned warrants and agrees, on behalf of the undersigned and each of the Scripts owners that the Script is being submitted voluntarily and without promise or inducement to the Cinematic Scribe Short Screenplay Contest, and that submission of the Script neither imposes or creates any obligation or responsibility from the contest related parties, except as stated in the Contest Rules & Terms. By submitting a script, the undersigned, on behalf of the undersigned and each of the scripts owners also agrees to hold harmless, any contest related parties free from all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, fees, and expenses at any time, in connection with submission of their Script arising from any breach or alleged breach of any representation made by the undersigned to the contest parties, or any implied representation in these terms and conditions.

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